How perfect that The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck will roll out for the first time at Brooklyn Pride on Saturday. Look for Doug at the "Kids Space" (there should be signs) inside the park, at about Prospect Park and 15th Street (map). Doug will be working the vanilla and chocolate soft-serve nozzles at 1 p.m. with the following toppings:

  • TRIX Cereal: "Trix ARE for kids, but adults can have 'em too. It's queer, colorful, and youngster-friendly, like us!"
  • Cayenne pepper: "It makes the chocolate into something really surreal."
  • Fresh berries TBA: "We're going to find the freshest thing we can, so I'm not saying exactly what berry. If you've seen something especially vibrant at a certain market, let us know about it. I prefer that we buy from smaller vendors."
  • Maple syrup: "We've got a brand (Coombs Family Farms) that we love. You're going to love it, too."
  • Nutella: Not yet confirmed. He's still perfecting the ooze consistency.

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