Pork and beef huarache.

The Red Hook ball field vendors returned this weekend, and Serious Eater IkeIkeIke had this to say about the spread:

These trucks were amazing yesterday. Carne asada tacos and goat tacos (from the Perez truck), great huarache, the freshest and most amazing tamale I've ever tasted, great pupusas, awesome papas rellenos, tasty tamarind drink, and much more that I can't remember. (Holy heck, what was that thing with the pool of black bean sauce ready to escape when we bit into it? That was great.) I only had enough room for a few bites of various things. Needed more stomachs.

The only disappointment was the ceviche from the easternmost truck. Not fresh-tasting. One very charming chef, who was also there tasting the amazing cuisine, said this was because they added the lime beforehand, rather than putting in it at the time of purchase, as I observed the second-from-easternmost vendors doing.

I wish I could find something nearly this good here in Newark. Why don't WE have our own version of this over here? I need to talk to Cory Booker STAT.

Anyone else swing by?

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