Last night, an ice cream craving hit me and Robyn. We also craved a brownie, so together, we were after a brownie sundae. We racked our brains for nearby options (we were at the Frying Pan in Chelsea) but short of running to Billy's Bakery for a brownie and then dashing over to Shake Shack for vanilla custard for a makeshift sundae, nothing came to mind. Until we asked Ed.

"Empire Diner!" he declared. So off we went, settling our bums on one of the outdoor tables on 10th Avenue. For $8, the brownie sundae buys you a hefty portion, easily sharable between three normal eaters. A gigantic fudgy brownie square is served hot with a scoops of Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream, ploofs of whipped cream (unfortunately not fresh but canned), hot fudge, and piles and piles of almonds and walnuts. Our only complaint? Far too many nuts!!

Empire Diner

210 10th Avenue # 1, New York NY 10011 (map)


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