Yogurt shop Red Mango (like its close cousin Pinkberry) has built a business off simplicity. Tart, creamy soft-serve, fresh fruit toppings—and that’s it. So when there’s a new flavor, it’s a big deal.

Red Mango started off with their yogurt-flavored Original and Green Tea, before branching out to Pomegranate last year. And this weekend, they launched their fourth flavor, dubbed Tangomonium, with a four-hour giveaway.

What exactly is Tangomonium? My server smiled coyly and wouldn’t tell. (I’m guessing she didn’t know.) Judging by the name and the light orange color, I assume we’re supposed to think of tangerine and mango. But I couldn’t stop thinking of Tang—that powdery orange drink mix beloved by generations of nine-year-olds. Tangomonium had a strong orange taste, maybe some pineapple; tangerine, sure. The overall flavor, though, was pretty synthetic. Like Sunny Delight, made into a creamsicle, puréed into fro-yo.

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