"Jim's matzoh ball soup." Photographs by Michele Humes

Daniel Boulud's new spot DBGB won't open for a few weeks, but his team hosted a media preview today. You probably don't associate the classically-trained French chef with matzoh ball soup and hot dogs, but both were on the brasserie-meets-diner menu. The former is a recipe from his executive chef Jim Leiken. "Everyone thinks their mother's recipe for matzoh ball soup is the best in the world, and Jim thinks his mother's is," Boulud said from a ladder (they're still in construction zone phase).


The menu will feature three burgers. Note: this one was in mini form for the event.

As for the "DB Dog" (all beef, made from shoulder meat) it's all part of the sausage theme here. "I have a fascination with sausage," Boulud said in a giddy little boy tone. He'll have at least 14 on the menu, all of which are made in-house by his charcutier Sebastien Loyzance (sausagier seems like a title that should exist). Boulud insinuated a currywurst in the works. The full sausage menu, after the jump.


Hello, sausages. But note: no corn dogs.


The sorbet-ice cream mixes were pretty amazing. Each included a flavor duo: apricot-pistachio, coffee-caramel, and kreik beer-cherry.


The design is going for the restaurant supply store feel of the surrounding Bowery neighborhood. It has the open kitchen set-up, and the shelves separating diners from cooks are crowded with copper pots from Boulud's chef cronies. They are each labeled: Ferran AdriĆ , Heston Blumenthal, Jacques Pepin, and others who have gifted him a pot. "It's like the Hard Rock Cafe of cooking, but instead of Eric Clapton's guitar, we have pots."

299 Bowery, New York NY 10003 (b/n Houston and 1st Street; map)


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