Yesterday at the Citi Field food preview, one of the most ignored items in the shadows were the cannolis from Leo's Latticini (nicknamed Mama's of Corona, and actually, the bakery part is meta-nicknamed Mama's Backyard Cafe). The mini taco-looking pastries are for sale at the original Corona location for $2 each, and at the Citi Field satellite branch, they will be $3.

This is the cannoli for the cannoli skeptic. There's something about the fried shell—it almost has that great waffle cone flavor, and when fresh, such a good crunch sound effect. Plus, the filling is not gross. Not sticky or weirdly sweet—just a gentle creamy flavor. Note: they do get soggy after sitting out all day, almost approximating cake texture. Definitely still edible.

Mama's Backyard Cafe (Part of Mama's of Corona)

46-10 104th Street, Corona NY 11368 (map)


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