From left: Passionfruit-chili soda from Jean Georges' Perry Street. Photograph by kathyylchan on Flickr; Elderberry soda from Perry Street. Photograph by ulteriorepicure on Flickr

For those who don't like commercial soda, don't drink alcohol, or just want some fizz in their day, adult soda is the perfect fix. A refreshing, generally fruity beverage to wet your throat, they're a cheap and delicious alternative to booze during a meal. I love making them at home, but started wondering what fine establishments in New York City make them in-house. Turns out, not many, but we found a few.

Bubby's Pie Company

Bubby's in Tribeca is famous for pies, but they also have a surprising homemade soda selection. Try their cola, root beer, or Callebaut chocolate soda for $4 and a "Loco Lime Chili Pepper" soda or spicy ginger beer for $3.25. 120 Hudson Street, New York NY 10013 (map); 212-219-0666; bubbys.com

Dogmatic Gourmet Sausage System

The former food cart turned stone-and-mortar establishment offers homemade sodas made from reduced fresh fruit purees, then combined with seltzer and ice right in front of you. Each one is $2.50 and the flavors are available year-round. The grape soda is organic, but the coconut, strawberry, ginger, and lemon-lime are not. 26 East 17th Street, New York NY 10003 (map); 212-414-0600; eatdogmatic.com


At Jane, the passion limeade sparkler is made with fresh lime juice, passion fruit puree, simple syrup, and club soda for $4. 100 West Houston Street, New York NY 10012 (map); 212-254-7000; janerestaurant.com

Jean-Georges Restaurant Group

You can find a variety of house-made sodas at any of Jean-Georges Vongerichten's restaurants around the world. Flavors include chili-lime, cherry-yuzu, lemon-thyme, passion-chili, lemongrass-lemon, ginger-lime, lychee-raspberry, orange-elderflower, and jasmine tea-lemon, in addition to seasonal ones like spiced apple in the fall. Each soda, at $4, is made-to-order from a homemade base syrup that is then combined with club soda. Various locations; 212-358-0688 ext. 19; jean-georges.com


Burger joint Stand has the perfect accompaniment to your burger. Homemade ginger ale, blackberry soda, pineapple-lime soda, U-bet chocolate egg cream, "Rosemaryade," and a lemon and basil frappe all go for $5. 24 East 12th Street, New York NY 10013 (map); 212-488-5900; standburger.com

Union Square Hospitality Group

Nearly all of Danny Meyers' establishments offer at least one option in the adult soda department. At Eleven Madison Park: gingered ale (fresh juiced ginger, sparkling mineral) and "Up the Alley" (pressed Honeycrisp apples, bourbon barrel matured maple syrup, lemons, topped with French Sparkling Cider) for $8. At Gramercy Tavern: 'N/A-groni' (Pellegrino San Bitters, grapefruit, and soda) for $5.50. At The Modern: lychee juice and soda for $6 and "Modern Punch" for $7. At Tabla: the "Limbupani," or fresh squeezed limes with club soda for $4 and "Pombupani," or Limbupani topped with pomegranate juice for $6. At Union Square Cafe: the "USC Cooler" is San Pellegrino Aranciata, lime juice, cranberry juice, orange slice for $12. Various locations (map); 212-477-0777; ushgnyc.com


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