On Sunday when I entered Flushing’s Sun Mary Bakery, with its vast array of outrageously cute cakes, buns, pastries, and other yummy whatnots, I could scarcely think of food.

This condition was the fault of my colleague Robyn Lee who kidnapped me and four other hapless victims for an epic food crawl, described further on Chowhound, left all of us feeling quite kuiadore—a wonderful Japanese term for eating to the point of collapse. OK, fine we weren’t kidnapped, but by the end of the afternoon it kinda felt like I’d been in the clutches of some diabolical master eater.

When it comes to Chinese bakeries I usually skip Western looking pastries and opt for a sugar-and-nut-laden moon cake or a pork bun. With my judgment impaired by three hours of eating, I became fascinated by the rows of these plastic-domed pastry orbs. They reminded me of the cryogenically preserved heads from Futurama. A girl behind the counter told me that they were filled with chocolate cream and I was sold.


I forgot all about my chocolate-filled orb until the next evening. I took it out of the fridge and half expected to hear an air-lock sound when I cracked the seal on the plastic dome. No such luck. It appeared to be merely a steroidal cream puff.


The pastry itself was pretty good and the filling was light and fluffy. Think cross between chocolate mousse and frosting, though less chocolaty and decidedly less sweet. Still, not a bad deal for $1.75.

Sun Mary Bakery

13357 41st Road, Flushing NY 11355 (map)


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