Sugar Rush: New Donut-Inspired Soft Serve at Momofuku Milk Bar

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Photographs by Robyn Lee

20090326-milkbar-menu.jpgMomofuku Milk Bar said goodbye to the cereal-inspired soft serve flavors yesterday and rolled out a new line-up that would have Homer Simpson running.

The three new doughnut flavors include: Bavarian Cream, Old-Fashioned, and Chocolate Doughnut. Milk Bar queen bee Christina Tosi is still perfecting Jelly, but said it should definitely appear within the next few days.

  • Old-Fashioned: Reminiscent of apple cider doughnuts. Spiked with nutmeg and cinnamon, and probably the sweetest of the three. Most donuty too.
  • Bavarian Cream: Tastes like cream, pretty straightforward. The calmest of the three, but a safe one.
  • Chocolate Donut: Somehow it pulls off that kind of chemically, kind of really satisfying chocolate icing flavor. By the end, we were into it.

Tosi didn't actually use any donuts in the process; just ingredients and spices to render the same flavors. It's hard to say if they really taste donuty. If they hadn't said anything, we probably wouldn't have made the connection. As opposed to the Coffee and Donuts frozen custard at Shake Shack (it's back this month, and you still have one more Saturday to snag some!), this one is sans any donut hunks. Since Milk Bar's machines are so sensitive (they use the same ones as Mister Softee trucks) they can't add any hunks.

More on the Momofuku soft serve newswires: Tosi is premiering two new soft serve flavors today at Noodle Bar: stout and malted peanut butter.

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