20090329-dineinbrooklyn.jpgYou still have until this Thursday, April 2, to hit up Dine in Brooklyn, Brooklyn's annual Restaurant Week. With over 175 eateries [PDF] offering the $23 prix fixe deal, choosing can be a tad overwhelming.

Who better to dish out advice on where to go than the Brooklyn blogosphere. What the locals have to say:

Dumbo NYC: "One of our favorites is Hibino in Cobble Hill. They are run by chefs Hirohisa and Masaru, who provide a truly authentic Kyoto style obanzai (daily specials). Try their fresh tofu and delicate sashimi. Being at Hibino brings us back to where we're from, Japan." 333 Henry Street, Cobble Hill (map); 718-260-8052

Blondie and Brownie: "I defintitely have Miriam on my list. I love their brunch and I've been curious to try their dinner and at $23 for 3 mezes, an entree, and baklava the price is definitely right. 79 5th Avenue, Park Slope (map); 718-622-2250. Blue Ribbon is also a worthwhile pick—just be sure to go later in the evening because dinner tends to attract the stroller crowd. 280 5th Avenue, Park Slope (map); 718-840-0404 —Brownie

Brooklyn Based: "I am all about Zenkichi. For the past several years, it's been the special occasion restaurant of choice for Tom and me. Rather than being designed for the cheap seats, their special menus are always filled with the choicest bits from the kitchen. The Restaurant Week menu includes their miso black cod and three-day cooked pork belly, both of which are super all-star dishes. If Zenkichi was a bar, I would order that pork belly and a beer for dinner like twice a week. I recommend ordering a sake tasting sampler to go with the meal. The BEST thing though? You walk up these black stairs, along mirrored hallways and the whole place seems downright labyrinthine, like a Japanese David Bowie is going to pop out juggling some crystal eels or something. Then you sit in tiny booths with roll-down bamboo mats that give you the illusion of total privacy—but you can hear all the conversations around you. Last time we were there this girl sitting across from us demanded to know what kind of chicken they served and whether she could get a side salad. There was definitely a 'second favorite girlfriend' vibe going on with her and the dude she was with. You can't pay for ambiance like that." 77 N 6th Street, Williamsburg (map); 718-388-8985 —Annaliese

Fucked in Park Slope: "The sushi at JPan kinda makes me want to re-enact that scene from When Harry Met Sally when Meg Ryan has an orgasm in the diner. The volcano roll, is something that I hope each and every one of you reading this will one day get a chance to experience IRL (Sushi in a pancake!? YES WE CAN, motherfuckers). All the rolls on their 'Special' list are seriously divine. Some other faves: monster roll (this is a special special roll that they don't always have), lovely roll, fire island roll and the angel roll FTW. Go there. Now. Or Else." 287 5th Avenue, Park Slope (map); 718-788-2880 —Erica

Eat It: The Brooklyn Food Blog: "I'd like to call attention to Giando on the Water in WIlliamsburg, where the experience is the focus, rather than the food. You'll most likely get an Iceberg Lettuce salad and a chicken entree, but the view is second to none. Tables for two are nestled in concave windows where you overlook the East River under the Williamsburg Bridge. It's a fun place to go at least once." 400 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg (map); 718-387-7000

Cobble Hill Blog: "Located in the picturesque Dumbo side of the Brooklyn Bridge, The River Café is a New York institution. Restaurant Week makes it financially accessible to diners during lunch, with a three-course menu featuring impeccably prepared dishes (don't shy away from the bread; the fresh ciabatta roles are not to be passed up) served with one of the best views in Brooklyn. My favorite part of dining at River Café is its white glove service that's hard to come by these days. Since you'll be saving on the food, treat yourself to a classic cocktail, like the delicious capirhinia. 1 Water Street, Dumbo (map); 212-522-5200

Another one is Bar Tabac, which features a menu of classic French dishes, from coq au vin to beef stew provençale, but they're not what make it my favorite neighborhood restaurant. I head straight for the bar-food classics—moules frites or the giant Bar Tabac burger. I go for the marinière sauce on the generous serving of mussels, and I'm not sure if it's the mollusks or the accompanying large cup of perfect french fries (not too thin, just crisp enough) that leaves me pining for this dish. The moist, flavorful burger is perfectly complimented by an onion brioche roll, cheese, and onions that can be grilled if you ask nicely. And to help you feel less guilty about the juicy burger and heaping fries, a modest, perfectly-dressed salad is served on the side." 128 Smith Street, Cobble Hill (map); 718-923-0918 —Diana


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