If I was a real estate broker in South Slope, being near Eagle Provisions is a perk I'd flex. The Eastern European market has the sausage ropes you'd want to see hanging in the back, plus the everyday sundries you still need to see stocked (peanut butter, toilet paper, regular cow's milk).

Then there's the beer wing.

To the left of the "produce section" (hey, they do keep radishes pretty stocked) rows of bottles are organized by region. Belgium, Ireland, Lithuania, Trinidad, Poland, and the American microbrews with lovable labels involving bears, otters, and creeks.

Over 1600 varieties of beer, advertises a butcher paper sign outside. And though my mind loses sight of volume/how numbers translate into beer bottles after fifty or so, I really don't think the management lied here.


Lithuania, Poland, and the rest of the cold Eastern territories that require fuzzy hats have their beer well-represented. Baltika, Karlovacko, and Zamkowe are some examples.


The more familiar big-bottled Belgian brews like Duvel and Chimay, in addition to others like Bornem Dubbel, Urthel, and Lucifer. Many of them include labels with busty women and religious officials.


The UK section, including Holy Grail Ale, whatever that tastes like.


Mini kegs of Spaten, Paulaner, and Bitburger, Kulmbacher.


Ciders: Magners, which is actually the American label for Bulmers (the name it goes by in Ireland), in addition to rustic American brands like Doc's Draft. Nearby, they also had a bunch of the Woodchuck Drafts (like Granny Smith, amber, pear, and raspberry).


Nice Abita selection. I think the Louisiana brewery does a great light beer, when you need to swing that way.


Ah, the Czech beers: Krusovice, Staropramen, and Czechvar.


Kasteel Rouge is a Belgian kriek (cherry beer) that pours a reddish-brown color; one of my favorites. Never have I seen them sold in four-packs!


Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA. Seems like that'd hurt going down.

Eagle Provisions

628 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 (b/n 17th and 18th Streets; map)


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