20090203-wheel1.jpgEven if tomatoes aren't in season until August, they're still on salads and smashed onto deli sandwiches year-round. Sometimes you just need the tomato taste, and don't care what produce peaks when. But this beautiful 12-inch wheel divided by months will tell you what to eat when you are in the locavore mood.

Little hand-drawn images of Fiddlehead ferns (in May), Asian pears (in October), and quail (anytime) by California-based artist Sarah Klein make the Local Foods Wheel from Chelsea Green Publishing as much a guide as fridge art. It's pretty spectacular to think this cramped metropolis has access to so much produce; it's also pretty great to squint at Klein's adorable sketch of guinea fowl.

The wheel is $12.95 and can be ordered through localfoodswheel.com (a San Francisco wheel is also available).


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