New York may contain a lot of dirty things, but tap water ain't one. The self-proclaimed "champagne of waters" is good enough to be bottled by Tap'd, a company that launched last October by Craig Zucker, reports the Los Angeles Times. The 29-year old left the honey business for this.

Gothamist interviewed Zucker in December, and it looks like he's still very much in business, promoting his anti-bottled-water bottled water. It comes from a Brooklyn warehouse that Zucker rents, is then filtered to remove chlorine, "off" colors, and any other weirdness from the pipes, and is finally bottled in New Jersey.

Studies have found that most bottled water is essentially tap water anyways, but does knowing it comes from a faucet you already pay bills for make you want to avoid it? Or does it fill you with New York pride? Tap'd is available in a 24-pack online for $30. Seen it around town much?


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