Sabich Pita Sandwich from Taim


Although Israeli eatery Taim is known for having one of the best (and my favorite) falafel sandwiches in the city, about a third of the time when I visit I don't crave falafel, but a sabich pita sandwich. Instead of fried chickpea balls, the fresh, fluffy pita of a sabich is stuffed with thick rounds of fried egglant that melt like butter, along with a sliced hard boiled egg, hummus, Israeli salad (diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and parsley in a lemon mint dressing), marinated cabbage, tahini, and amba (pickled mango sauce). Every other bite is full of creamy, crunchy, and saucy goodness. I find it as addictive as falafel.

Iraqi Jews introduced the sabich to Israel, where it grew to be popular fast food. I only wish it were as popular here as falafel. Only three results come up when I search for it on Menupages, while falafel returns 250 results. If anyone can recommend other good places to get a sabich, let me know. Not that I have anything against going to Taim over and over again.


222 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014 (map)

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