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We've written about the Forty Carrots frozen yogurt before, buried inside the Bloomingdale's seventh floor bedding department. But there are still questions. Questions that need to be answered.

Can you get four flavors in one cup? Yes. Is it allowed? Not really. Will they grunt but eventually give in, or smile because you scored with the nice fro-yo lever-pusher? Yes.

There are three permanent daily flavors: plain (like the tart Pinkberry-Fage-esque kind), chocolate, and coffee. The rotating flavors stick to the following schedule:

Sunday: Blueberry
Monday: Mango
Tuesday: Banana
Wednesday: Strawberry
Thursday: Peanut butter
Friday: Raspberry
Saturday: Butter pecan

So technically you can get all four goods from all four nozzles? Affirmative. More yogurt sleuthing, after the jump.

A small is $4.50 and "about ten ounces," they told us—a creamy Everest that would be an XXXL in most other countries and universes. What's awesome/messed-up about Forty Carrots is that everyone seems to get their own, without sharing, and does not consider this weird at all. Beanpole customers, chunkier ones: it doesn't matter. Are they considering it a meal? Well, it's the same weight as a hunk of steak, but with only mid-200s calories!

The portions waver tremendously here, though. A medium is between "12 and 14 ounces," and a large "between 16 and 18." But when you get four flavors, hah. A totally delicious scam. But as with all froyo, it's not the fat-free air food you want it to be. At 25 calories per ounce, a small could range from 225 to at least 300 calories.

Forty Carrots at Bloomingdale's

1000 3rd Ave, 7th Fl, New York, NY 10022 (map)


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