In honor of the Dessert Truck's victory over Bobby Flay on Throwdown last night (taped in October), we'll tell you about something not on the menu. Think of it as the Animal Fries of the In N' Out burger world. Except less Thousand Island dressing (and no fries), and more chocolate. Introducing the Dessert Truck's DIY fudgesicle, brought to you by their hot chocolate and your freezer.


Before fudgesicle-ication

Since the drink is less a liquid, more a goop, one sip is pretty lethal, and more than one is asking to feel pregnant. We couldn't finish our last cup, so into the freezer it went for some mad science experimentation. A couple days later, when we actually remembered it was there, out came an entirely different creature. The little hockey puck of icy chocolate was born, something like a fudgesicle, but richer and more decadent than anything on a stick.

Sure, there are 16 mph gusting winds outside, but tough it up for a fudgesicle. Plus, if you regret this decision, just let it melt and zap it back up in the microwave.

Check the roving Dessert Truck's whereabouts on desserttruck.com.


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