If you've been reading the site this week, you know that we've been eating and cooking a lot of wings in preparation for the big game. And as many of you have noted, local wing joints are the preferred wing purveyors for Serious Eaters everywhere.

In New York City, we are partial to the smoked and fried and sauced wings made at Rub BBQ, which happens to be the best barbecue joint close to our offices. You heard me right: smoked, fried, and sauced with a tangy, just-hot-enough, vinegar-y sauce. The wings come with either Ranch or blue cheese dressing, and though I preferred the latter, these wings are good enough to eat without any extra dunking. My only criticism: the flat wing is almost entirely skin and bone. But hey, that's chicken anatomy for you, I guess.

$7.50 for a dozen.


208 West 23rd Street, New York NY 10011 (map)

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