20081201Carmines.jpgBroadway tickets can cost upwards of $300. After buying a few of those, the idea of spending a fortune to eat (at times) mediocre food at some odd pre-theatre hour of the day is unstomachable. Maybe the expression is "none of us is getting any younger," but these days, it should read "none of us is getting any richer." Save your money for the show, but make Carmine's Beef Cutlet Milanese at home, along with some pasta or a salad. For less money, you can feed an even larger crowd than one of Carmine's family-style plates, and still enjoy the flavor of Theater District eats.

Here's the recipe for Carmine's Beef Cutlet Milanese with Caper, Roasted Pepper, and Tomato Butter Sauce ยป

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