Perfect Team Corporation, located on the second floor of a nondescript building in downtown Flushing, is easily the best name I've ever come across for a dim sum restaurant. Hell, make that any restaurant. What does it have to do with Chinese food? I have no idea.

The restaurant wasn't crowded when we arrived at 10:30 a.m., but by the time we left it was packed. Here are some highlights from the meal.


Cha siu sou: Roast pork wrapped in lard-enhanced, uber-flaky pastry. Every bite was full of sweet, fatty pork cut with rich, tender pastry. It's a pocket of joy for pork lovers. Definitely the best form of "roast pork wrapped in dough" at the table, beating the steamed and baked pork buns.


Deep fried sesame rice balls filled with black sesame paste: These sweet, chewy balls made of glutinous rice were the perfect size to fulfill a brief sweet tooth in between all the savory dishes.


Chee Cheong Fun: Soft rolled up sheets of rice noodle filled with bits of shrimp and doused in sweet soy sauce. A must-order whenever I eat dim sum.


Steamed Malay Sponge Cake: Eggy, moist, soft, and delicious.


Seen Ha Foo Pei Kuen: Deep fried, sesame-coated bean curd skin wrapped around logs of shrimp paste studded with taro chunks. It's a nice combination of thin, crisp crust and tender, fish cake-like filling.


Fu Pei Gyun: Another deep fried tofu skin-wrapped dish, this time only filled with vegetables, including mushrooms and baby corn.


Deep Fried Tofu with Shrimp: Light, crisp, and non-greasy, with a heart of soft, pudding-like tofu.


Dan tat: Miniature tarts of sweet, creamy egg custard that perfectly meld with its light, flaky crust. It's heavenly when warm.

And One Epic Fail


Baked Pork Bun: If you like your pork buns filled with air and just a hint of pork this bun's for you!

Perfect Team Corporation

13659 37th Avenue, 2nd Floor, Flushing NY 11354 (at 138th Street; map)

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