Editor's note: From time to time, we will run a feature called "[Insert borough here] Mashup." The goal is to wed two New York food establishments because one offers a really great thing, but an inferior other thing (that the soulmate does better). The two must be in proximity—no more than a five-minute walk away.


Borough: Brooklyn

Mashup: $4 slice [Di Fara] + $2.19 Czech Krusovice beer [Associated]


Locations: Di Fara Pizzeria at 1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn NY 11230 (map) + Associated Supermarket (directly across the street) at 1413 Avenue J, Brooklyn NY 11230 (map).

Why? This is pizza and beer multiplied by infinity. Di Fara's not only has a lax BYOB policy, but is situated in a neighborhood where, thanks to many Orthodox Jews of Eastern European origins, amazing beers are stocked like Bud Lights at the supermarket across the street. Krusovice, with its sweet, almost caramel flavor, is a dark (basically black) beer, that's hardly found in the States. The last time it touched my lips, I was studying in Prague, but I never thought I'd see it on this side of the world. A cold Krusovice with a hot, olive oily, basily Di Fara's slice, is my idea of each food group at its best.

Manhattan Mashup: Gray's Papaya + Grandaisy Bakery

If you have ideas for any other Mashups in any of the five boroughs, please email nyeditor@seriouseats.com


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