Thu Tran's Wacky Food Party, Fourth Webisode In Works

20081209-foodshow.jpgRemember Thu Tran? The 27-year old Brooklynite with an out-there online cooking show called Food Party, where fuzzy ice cream sock puppets rule?

She's putting the finishing touches on a fourth webisode (sneak preview here), which will be more dramatic—have "a Clue vibe, like the Tim Curry movie," according to a Gothamist interview.

She's still looking for a bigger studio because her Greenpoint apartment can barely fit all those talking plates with googly eyes.

When she's not living in a fantasy puppet world or making giant inflatable stage props for Girl Talk, Tran likes eating at Thái Son (89 Baxter Street; map). "It's not as good as my father's, but it's fine." And a Malaysian place she couldn't remember the name of, where "they make this really fishy noodle and it's made with anchovies—laksa. It has mint and cucumber with really thick rice noodles. My boyfriend hates when I eat it because it's pungent. We have to eat it outside."


Food Party: Online Cooking Show Bizarreness

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