Editor's note: For the next twelve weekdays until Christmas, we'll have a hot chocolate report for you. 'Tis the season. Today, the upscale SoHo chocolate shop, MarieBelle.


20081209-mariebelle3.jpgPrice: $6 for a small (4 ounces), $8 for a medium (8 ounces), $9 for a large (11 ounces)

The deal: Judging by the price, we expected liquid gold. The smallest size is $1.50 an ounce! Does a cocktail even cost that much? While the cocoa flavors are pretty impressive—milk chocolate with dried banana chips, cinnamon and oats with white chocolate, dark Aztec blends—and have such a fine powder snow texture, you want to sink your hands through the vats, eek. I could buy a burrito for that! They'll add hot water (the European style) or milk (the American way), and regardless, it turns out thick, especially with their frothing technique. Though I'm not a white chocolate fan, the version with ground oats and cinnamon was most interesting. It's good to know that someone is taking chocolate so seriously, but still, a very hard price tag to justify at these times.


From left: milk chocolate with spices; white chocolate with oats and cinnamon.

MarieBelle Fine Chocolates

484 Broome Street, New York NY 10013 (b/n Broadway and Watts Streets; map)

12 Days of Hot Chocolate: Grom


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