The Carnegie Deli Pastrami Sandwich Mitosis


20081201-mitosis1.jpgA little while back, Ed came into the office with a Carnegie Deli pastrami sandwich and a plan. He wanted to see how many normal-sized sandwiches (still healthy portions) he could make from the usual serving size. At $14.95 a pop, the meaty monster is five inches tall. It's the snake jaw of sandwiches, to steal Adam's line for a hamburger so fat, you need a snake's hinged jaw to take a bite.

We pretended this sandwich was a mother cell to be divvied into daughter cells, full of pastrami chromosomes. The results of the edible mitotic cycle, after the jump.


The mother cell.


Four daughter cells—we thought it was over. Oh, but it wasn't.

20081201-pastramitower.jpgIf you guessed five normal-sized sandwiches, you win. Each was one-inch tall—still plenty enough meat for an individual meal. And one that won't end in severe intestinal pains.

So, the next time you want a meal for five, try one pastrami sandwich at Carnegie Deli with an extra loaf of rye.

Carnegie Deli

854 7th Ave, New York NY 10019 (at 55th Street; map)

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