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I've been to Lan Zhou (also known as Nam Zhou) in Chinatown for hand-pulled noodles twice so far, and neither time was I able to read the Chinese menu. While the most popular items may have been translated into English, it looked like slim pickings compared to the Chinese menu. Stupidly, I only just realized that my mom knows Chinese and I could just ask her to translate the menu. So, thanks to Mama Lee, you now have a more complete Lan Zhou menu, after the jump.

My mom explained that she had trouble reading the menu because it was hand-written. If you have anything to add or change, feel free to leave a comment.

Top line
Says they make "pulled noodles" and "knife sliced noodle." I've only had the pulled noodles, but it seems they serve both.

Top section (right to left)
Duck and squid
Something fried (she couldn't read that character)
Pork rib meat (probably with bones)
Prime pork chop
Pork ear (her guess; she couldn't read the character well)
Pork chop (somehow the price is the same as prime pork chop)
Lamb meat
Beef tendon
Miscellaneous ox part (maybe some internal organs)
Ox tail
Ox leg meat
Beef stew

Lower section (right to left)
Dessert soupy dumpling (glutinous rice ball)
Savory soupy dumpling (glutinous rice ball)
Fish ball soup
Pot stickers

Bottom section
Frozen dumpling, $8.00/50 pieces

Right section, outlined in squiggly line
Due to inflation, the menu prices were adjusted accordingly on March 1.

Lan Zhou Hand Made Noodles

144 E Broadway, New York NY 10002 (b/n East Broadwayand Pike St; map);

A Guide to Soup Noodles in Manhattan's Chinatown


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