Salumeria Rosi Open (Sort Of)


Photograph by Eating in Translation

Having walked past Cesare Casella's Salumeria Rosi many times in the last few weeks looking for signs of meaningful food activity, I can now happily report that it's open. Sort of. Casella is still waiting for the gas to be turned on, but in the meantime he and his merry band of cooks/slicers/counterpeople are slicing up superb aged prosciutto and fantastic hams and serving up wonderful Italian cheeses, salads and vegetables, Sullivan Street Bakery breads, and dried sausages from first-rate American purveyors like Salumeria Biellese.

Judging from the throngs of Italian food thrill-seekers that have poked their heads in wanting to know when Salumeria Rosi is going to be open, it seems like Casella has hit upon a concept that Upper West Siders will quickly embrace. What can I compare Salumeria Rosi to? Think of an Italian equivalent of DespaƱa.

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