Rafael Soler of Soler Dominican pupusa fame; tacos; pupusas grilling.

It's natural to wonder what street vendors do at night. When they start breaking down the trucks, it's tempting to invite them over for a drink, or share very personal American moments with them.

Turns out you can spend election night with the Red Hook ball field vendors at the Bell House in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. The free Red + Blue Election Night Party will feature a menu of pupusas from Vendy Awards finalist Rafael Soler, tacos from Fernando Martinez, and huaraches from Eleazar Perez. Reasons why this is awesome: it's not even ball season anymore, it's at night, and at a spot slightly more convenient than Red Hook.

Brooklyn Based is also promising red and blue cupcakes, and there will be a Weezer cover album playing songs from the "Blue Album." The party starts at 7 PM, and last until it ends. The Bell House: 49 7th Street, Brooklyn NY 11215 (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues; map).

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