'Eating is Fun, Happy Every Day' With Lamb Noodle Soup


“Eating is fun, happy Every day!!” That statement rings so true that I’d get the Chinese characters tattooed down my arm, if only that is what the sign said. Zi bu yang rou hui mian means something to the effect of "delicious lamb braised soup noodle." And that’s also a statement that rings true. This handwritten sign is an ad for the lamb noodle soup place in the Golden Shopping Mall. When I saw it I almost made off with it since it was situated near some trash cans. Instead, I decided to just order a bowl.


Lord knows I sure was happy to be slurping down a big bowl of soup filled with foot-long noodles now that winter’s upon us. To go with the soup I got six knots of tofu skin or dou fu pi. Served cold they go great with the blazing hot broth. Long strips of dou fu pi cut to the thickness of ramen noodles also feature prominently in the soup. I’m especially fond of the way you can see the impression the mold leaves on the knots of tofu skin. At $2 for six it's a delicious side and great fun to eat.

It's almost like the owner modeled the sign after me.

Lamb Noodle Soup

Golden Shopping Mall Food Court (upper level opposite hairdresser at back)
41-28 Main St, Flushing NY 11355 (map)

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