I know; the first ingredient in this recipe is filet mignon, which may sound like punishment for your pocket. But think of it this way: steak tartare is something most of us ONLY eat at restaurants. This dish is an opportunity to turn yourself into a real restaurant chef, as you make two things you have probably never made at home before: mayonnaise, and steak tartare. If your pantry is stocked like a well equipped arsenal, this recipe should be a cinch, without much added expense or time. Plus, there is no cooking. If the filet mignon is prohibitive, ask your butcher for what he recommends—just be sure to tell him you’re eating it raw!

At Balthazar, the small Steak Tartare sells for $15, the large for $21, plus tax and tip, per order. This recipe serves 6-8. Even with the filet, that’s stretching a buck. Plus, you get to feel like you’re in Paris for the night without paying Air France the price of thirty large Balthazar Steak Tartares.

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