20081107NobuBook-smaller.jpgNobu is notoriously expensive, and admittedly, I've only been to the London Nobu, which was thereby even more expensive. But it was great. So if you want to go raw without feeling as cut up by the prices as the fish on your plate, here is Nobu's recipe for a sashimi salad very similar to the one at the restaurant, with the signature dressing recipe attached. This dish is ideal if your pantry is already stocked with Asian staples like rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, wasabi powder, and soy sauce, and if you have a lot of leftover raw vegetables around: for example, this recipe calls for two radishes and one asparagus spear, both great ways to empty your fridge's veggie drawer. I don’t want to destroy the sanctity and integrity of the recipe, but I must recommend using veggies you already have on hand if you want to save some cents.

One sashimi salad at Nobu costs $21, plus tax and tip. This recipe serves 4.

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