It's the first week of October, which only means two things: the best month of the year is here, and with it, the new autumnal Custard Calendar [PDF] at Shake Shack. This month, Thursdays are "Pancake" because, you know, people eat more pancakes in October.

Our Gordon Mark trekked over today with the office ice cooler. Overall, it's a solid flavor, but not overwhelmingly pancakey. Little specks of what very well could be pancake are swirled in, but disappointingly, no big chunks. I didn't feel like I was sitting down to my Nana's pancakes. Still good though, and any Heath Bar Crunch or toffee lover will appreciate the super sweet flavor with buttery aftertaste. Personally, I'm more excited for Pumpkin Spice Mondays.

Serious Eats overlord Ed Levine had this to say: "I lurve this custard. It's the essence of frozen custard: creamy, rich, eggy, full-flavored, and completely addictive. There's only one problem, and it verges on the existential—it has no discernible pancake flavor. So my question is this: Can a pancake custard be considered great if it doesn't taste like pancakes? Help me answer the above question by having some pancake custard yourself on Thursdays in October and commenting on this post."


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