Can I just say I'm really digging the "Sidewalk" plate at Song Kran? I just got back from my fourth Sidewalk lunch this week. And I'm planning on eating it tomorrow, just to make it a straight flush.

Sidewalk is ground chicken with string beans, Thai basil, onion, red bell pepper and chili sauce, served with a fried egg and rice. The vegetables always taste fresh and hover somewhere between saut├ędom and crunchdom. The egg is over easy, with the yolk running and mixing with the rice and chicken component, giving the dish a slightly richer feel.

When I mentioned it to SENY editor Zach Brooks here in the office, he said it sounded like a dish he had on a train in Thailand. Sure enough, that pretty much looks like my beloved Sidewalk.

The lunch special is $8.95 and comes with a small salad (lettuce, carrots, cucumber, celery, bean sprouts) doused with peanut dressing.

Song Kran

330 Eighth Avenue, New York NY 10001 (b/n 26th and 27th streets; map)


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