How I Met Your Mother returned this week with a lot of Jersey trash-talking, a visit to Price Co. (a made-up bulk food store), and Marshall claiming he's too big to fit anywhere in New York. While I disagree with a few of the pro-Jersey remarks (I live in Jersey and yet, never really talk to my neighbors, don't have a garage, and don't visit buy-in-bulk stores), the clip featuring Ted and Stella's argument, New York vs. New Jersey was priceless. Stella claims New Yorkers think "pigeon poop tastes like tapioca" and Ted points out Sinatra's famous tune isn't "Secaucus, Secaucus."

A link to the episode, and a couple legendary quotes below.

Watch as Ted claims New York wins while facing Stella's death stare:

The Empire Sta--
H&H Bag--
Lincoln Cen--

Speaking for tall people everywhere, Marshall explodes with how much he hates New York because he can't fit anywhere:

I'm like some huge monster that came out of the ocean to destroy bodegas!

Since CBS recently changed their video player and we can't embed, watch the whole episode here.


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