I am not a pet store person, but maybe if sausages replaced the caged hamsters and fish sticks swam in the aquarium, I would be. Banksy, the British muralist and prankster artist with a cult following, is hosting his first exhibition in New York, which will be open daily until October 31. To get a taste of his odd artistic approach, watch these two silent videos. The first involves mechanized meats perfectly mimicking the squirmy behavior of pet store captives, and the second, fish (in fried stick form) swimming around in a fish bowl, like everything is totally normal. The videos, after the jump.

Banksy's Village Pet Store with Charcoal Grill, Sausages

Banksy's Village Pet Store with Charcoal Grill, Fish Sticks

Banksy's Exhibit

89 7th Avenue South (between Grove and Barrow Streets; map)
Open 10am to midnight through October 31st


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