Miang or mieng. Kham, khum, kum, or kam. With mieng meaning “many” and kham meaning “one bite,” this salad is a symphony of its confederate parts.

Mieng Ka Na is often served as a snack on the streets of Bangkok, wrapped to order in betel nut leaves. But at Wondee Siam I, you’ll find Mieng Ka Na on the “Secret Thai Menu”—served as a pre-assembled salad accompanied by Chinese broccoli leaves. Diners use these raw leaves to roll their own hand-wraps, filling them with fluffy dried pork, brine, chili, peanuts, shallots, ginger, and thin bits of lime. A little bit o' this, a lotta bit o' that. Salty. Spicy. Sour. Sweet.

Mieng Kha Na is only one of several mouth-puckering dishes at Wondee.


The Thai Sausage Salad is a pleasing substitute if you find you just can’t handle the pierce of Mieng.


Try the Penang Curry with either crispy duck or fried snapper—a curry so luxuriously flavored, you’ll be tempted to sup the sauce.


The Pad Kra Pow with minced chicken is an affable enough dish to showcase the sweet punch of basil.


And don't forget to order the Curry Rice and Sticky Rice to round out this savory array. Feeling bold? Ask for the food to be prepared "Thai style" and spicy!

But what of that ol’ battle of the boroughs, Wondee Siam I v. Sripraphai? Well, if racy, bracing flavors are the litmus, Wondee Siam I dominates!

Wondee Siam I

792 9th Ave, New York NY 10019 (bn. 52nd and 53rd Streets; map)

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