Replacement custard

The staff here at Serious Eats: New York has been dreaming of the Monday sweet corn custard special at Shake Shack ever since we read about it on The Strong Buzz last Wednesday. So at around 12:30 today I eagerly headed out to pick up a pint for the office (and a few burgers too). I'd just finished placing my order an hour or so later when I heard some ominous rumblings of thunder. But before I had time to worry about my lack of an umbrella, I glanced at my receipt and noticed a much more concerning problem: I'd ordered three pints of custard—chocolate, vanilla, and sweet corn—but had only been charged for two.

"What happened to the third pint?" I asked the cashier. "Oh, we're not serving the sweet corn today," he said. "It's just not up to par."

And that's when it started to pour.

A soaking wet, disgruntled customer wants to know: Shake Shack, what gives? I guess I respect your decision not to sell inferior custard to the public, but you could at least warn your customers on your website or anywhere in the vicinity of the Shack itself.

More importantly, did anyone go to Shake Shack last Monday? Were they serving the sweet corn custard last week, and if so, was it any good? Please describe it detail, because that's all we have to tide us over until next Monday—if we're lucky.

Sugar Rush: 'Coffee and Donut' Custard at the Shake Shack


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