Ed Levine Stalkers, Take Note: Sky Asian Bistro is Not that Bad

airport.jpgLast week Eater posted a photo of Serious Eats overlord Ed Levine perusing the choices at Sky Asian Bistro in JFK's Terminal 6. While most people looked at the photo and wondered why someone was trailing Ed at the airport, I couldn't help but wonder why it would have been an embarrassment to eat at Sky Asian Bistro. (In the end, Ed didn't.) Being a cheap Chinese-food addict, I never turn down the opportunity to eat at one of those terrible steam-table Chinese food places—so when I found myself in Terminal 6 this weekend, I decided to see whether Ed made the right decision. (I admit it, I have a problem.)


Unlike most of the "Chinese" food you get at food courts, which always looks and smells much better than it tastes, Sky Asian Bistro uses the opposite tactic, serving food that doesn't taste nearly as bad as it looks. And it looked pretty bad, probably accounting for why Ed ended up dining elsewhere. But like any true addict I was not discouraged, and the food turned out to be not that bad—for food court Chinese. The bourbon chicken resembled actual chicken (the most you can ask for at most of these places) and the chicken and broccoli provided vegetables (look at me, Mom, I'm being healthy!) It's no Panda Express, and I wouldn't call it serious eats, but if you find yourself at JFK looking over the food at the Sky Asian Bistro, don't be embarrassed. You could do a lot worse.

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