Chip off the Old Block: David Leite susses out the secrets of New York's best chocolate chip cookies, trying to find out if anyone has topped Ruth Graves Wakefield's original Toll House recipe.

You Won't Cry Over This: "In China, it’s called zha xian nai or chow lai; in India, gulab jamun; in Spain, leche frita and in Italy, latte dolce fritto or crema fritta, depending on where you are. Translated, they all mean the same thing: fried milk."

Keep on Truckin': A rundown of several sweets-laden food trucks prowling the streets of Gotham—the Dessert Truck, the Treats Truck, Van Leeuwen Artisan, and Wafels and Dinges.

Soupy Sales Pitch: Mark Bittman makes a case for a cold soup made from—get this—avocado and milk. No stock, not much else but lime juice and some seasonings. With recipe.

Damned If You Do: Alan Harding and Jim Mamary pioneered the restaurant scene in Cobble Hill but now face challenges from locals there who see them as empire-builders bringing the teeming masses to quiet streets. Their solution: Move to up-and-coming pastures.

Sherry, Baby: Eric Asimov and other wine writers want you to come out to the twist party that is dry sherry. But all you heathens out there just don't listen as they extol the "singular wonders" that these "gorgeous wines have to offer."

Bruni Reviews Benoit: Gives it one star.


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