I love chilled summer soups, but I get bored with most restaurant gazpachos since they tend to be watered-down and filled with lackluster vegetables like chopped white onions and green bell peppers.

Recently, I had an absolutely amazing meal at the Farm on Adderley in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Among the ten dishes my friends and I sampled, standouts included the asparagus salad with poached egg and mustard; the buffalo mozzarella with pears, sunflower sprouts and seeds; the pork chop with sweet potato gnocchi; and the warm almond cake. But by far everyone's favorite was the chilled green pea soup with Maine crab salad. Simply prepared, without the usual additions of mint, crumbled bacon, or cream, the fresh pea flavor was unlike anything I've ever tasted.

I was so taken with the dish that I emailed chef Tom Kearney and asked for the recipe, which he happily shared. A no-frills combo of peas, onions, water, and canola oil, the only unusual ingredient in the soup is white soy sauce (a lighter, milder version of regular soy sauce) which can be found in some Asian markets. If you can't get your hands on any, just use regular soy sauce sparingly.

Prepare the crab salad if you can—it makes a lovely sweet, citrusy garnish—but don't sweat it if you don't have time, or can’t afford expensive crab meat. This soup is incredibly flavorful and satisfying all on its own.

Here's the recipe »

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