Whether you spell it ceviche, cebiche, or seviche, one thing is certain: the Peruvian specialty of fish “cooked" via marination in lime juice is one of the best things to eat during the dog days of summer. Unfortunately there are very few places in Manhattan to get good ceviche. Given my love for this refreshing dish, I was devastated when La Pollada de Laura, an excellent Peruvian restaurant closed a few years ago. It had been my go-to spot in Queens for ceviche. Recently I was tipped off to a new destination for this refreshing dish: El Anzuelo Fino in Jackson Heights.

The day I visited the humidity was super high and I was hung over, both excellent reasons to indulge in a plate of denatured fish protein. In order to up its restorative nature I asked for my ceviche bien picante, or spicy. The chunks of corvina came to the table showered in red onions and just enough hot pepper. The fish was sided with a heap of choclo, or Peruvian corn, and a chunk of sweet potato. Munching on cancha, or salty toasted corn kernels is great, but the crunchy nuggets are even better scattered over ceviche. The whole affair sat in a small lake of lime juice, which I was soon slurping down between bites of tender fish. As you might imagine the spicy lime juice was quite bracing.

If you find yourself hung over or craving ceviche, you’ll be glad to know that El Anzuelo Fino has two locations in Queens. The one I visited doesn’t have its liquor license yet, all the better for preventing hangovers.

El Anzuelo Fino

86-01 Northern Boulevard, Jackson Heights NY 11372 (map)

98-01 Jamaica Avenue, Woodhaven NY 11421 (map)


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