The timeless rivalry between D and L?

Unless you count competitive barbecuing I’m not much for sports. But if I had to declare a baseball allegiance, it would be to the Mets, mainly for geographical reasons. I was born in Queens, grew up on Long Island and now live within walking distance of Shea. Hell, I’m so clueless about baseball I didn’t even know that there was a Subway Series happening this weekend. Now thanks to the tabloids, I also know that Yankees slugger Jason Giambi likes to don a golden thong to break hitting slumps. Frankly I’m more interested in the oddity known as "Subway Series Bread" than in watching the Mets and Yanks battle it out.

I discovered the miniature loaves known as "Subway Series Bread" in a Russian deli in Rego Park awhile back. You might be tempted to think that the variety labeled with the L is the carb of choice for self-conscious hipsters who sport trucker hats and frequent the Bedford Avenue subway stop, but it actually has nothing to do with any subway line, or baseball team for that matter. The L stands for light rye, and it's quite good with a toasty flavor. The variety emblazoned with the D has nothing to do with any subway either. It’s denotes the dark rye, which has a slightly bitter though not unpleasant flavor. Both are made by Handmade Products, a company with offices in Long Island City and Los Angeles, although I can't imagine they’re selling too much Subway Series bread in lala land. For a company based in Queens you'd think they would at least change the L to a 7 in honor of the Mets.

Baseball knowledge aside, at least Handmade Products takes pride in its bread. The package boasts that “Subway Series breads are based on recipes that go back hundreds of years.” And on either side of the Kosher seal are the words, “EAT BREAD … LIVE LONGER.” Perhaps they should send some loaves of D to Giambi. Who knows? Carbo loading might turn out to be more effective than sporting a golden thong.

R&D Food Market

66-08 99 Street, Rego Park NY 11374 (map)


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