Off the Beaten Path: Strauss Israeli Pudding From Amalya Grocery


It's like the Israeli Kozy Shack.

When most eaters think of Main Street in Queens, the first thing that comes to mind is the wealth of incredible Chinese food that’s available in Flushing. But if you travel Southeast along Main Street, you’ll eventually find decidedly non-Chinese ethnic food and shopping in Kew Gardens Hills, an enclave of Orthodox Jews that is home to several excellent falafel and shwarma spots. There are also plenty of markets with all sorts of Israeli groceries, like one of my all-time favorite finds, the chocolate pudding known as Milky. The good folks at Israel’s Strauss have managed to make a product whose creaminess rivals Kozy Shack’s (making the stuff aptly named). Each cup contains a dairy-rich chocolate pudding topped with airy whipped cream.

Last week while exploring Amalya Grocery, I found two Strauss puddings that are new to me. First were the tiny tubs of Mini Milky, which contain the same white and black goodness as their larger brethren, but are rendered pointless when placed in front of somebody like myself. Since I have no discipline whatsoever when it comes to portion control, I found myself eating them two at a time, not unlike a chain smoker. The other variety, Dany Chocolate (pictured above), doesn’t contain any whipped topping, but the slightly darker tasting chocolate is plenty rich due to the high milk content. The package exclaims, “A Tasty Milk Snack!”, and I couldn’t agree more; now, if you’ll forgive me, I’m about to enter a pudding coma.

Amalya Grocery

68-24 Main Street, Kew Gardens Hills, Queens 11367; (map)

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