Michael Psilakis, executive chef at at Greek restaurants Anthos (36 West 52nd Street, New York NY 10019) and Kefi (222 West 79th Street, New York NY 10024) and at Italian joint Mia Dona, (206 East 58th Street, New York NY 10022) appeared on Nightline last night talking about his food philosophy: "Using food to bring people together was just natural," he said. "The joy that [my mother] was getting was making this stuff and giving it to the people that she loved. It was that gift that made her excited on a daily basis. For me food is like that."

The dishes we're excited about at Psilakis's three spots include the braised baby goat, the veal cheeks, and the raw mezze at Anthos; the amazing meatballs and the sheep's milk dumplings at Kefi; and the bigoli with spicy sausage and the crisp fried rabbit with homemade potato chips at Mia Dona.

Even if you don't plan on visiting one of these places, the video here (after the jump) is interesting. Psilakis makes the dishes look so easy to prepare, but when you think about the work that went into the various components he grabs (lobster stock, for instance), you realize the two-minute assembly time belies the hours of labor behind each dish.

Michael Psilakis on 'Nightline,' Part 1

Michael Psilakis on 'Nightline,' Part 2


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