New York Magazine's Best-of issue hits the stands tomorrow and it's filled with lots of interesting best-of choices. Some I agree with, some I don't, and that's the fun of these kinds of issues. Here's a few of the good, the bad, and the ugly choices.

Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill Fried Chicken: It is excellent fried chicken, but what about Blue Smoke's Gus' World Famous-inspired fried chicken or even Rack & Soul or Charles Southern-style chicken, or even the rendition at the regular Blue Ribbon in Soho.

Hot Dogs: Hatfield's at the Smoke Joint? Please! Nobody wants to acknowlege that it is hard to beat the by now ubiquitous Gray's Papaya or Papaya King beauties, made by Sabrett's parent company Marathon.

Grilled Cheese: NYM chooses Resto, but what about Bouchon Bakery or Artisanal's, which includes apples, really good cheddar, and Nueske's bacon.

I'll have more to say in the coming days.


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