GelatoI know it's winter, so you're probably not thinking about ice cream, gelato, or any other frozen dessert, but listen up. Gino Cammarata, as I wrote in the New York Times in 2002, might be New York City's best artisanal gelato maker, and he is back this week after a prolonged absence from Gotham's food scene.

He's making his transcendent gelati in the front of a popular tanning salon in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

You heard me right. In a tanning salon.

According to Cammarata, he needed a base of operations for his gelato-making, and a tanning salon in his neighborhood had a space available in the front with a big walk-in freezer in the basement. So, instant gelateria.

If you want to know what pistachio gelato is supposed to taste like, ground-up Sicilian pistachios mixed into the smoothest, just-creamy-enough paste imaginable, head out to Bensonhurst this weekend. You will never be able to eat pistachio ice cream anywhere else.

While you're there, try his cassata gelato, made with ricotta cheese and a touch of cinnamon. You won't be disappointed in any flavor you try. The man's gelato is that good. Gino is an ice cream artiste, the Michelangelo of gelato. And if you feel like getting some winter color as well, Gino says the tanning salon is excellent.

Oro Verde Gelati Espresso Bar

Address: 1742 86th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11214
Phone: 646-708-4622

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