When my friend Tony DiDio, also known as the Count of Carroll Gardens, tells me about a new pizzeria in his neighborhood I end up listening intently to what he has to say. And when a Serious Eats community member seconds Tony's recommendation (thank you, janerac) then I get seriously motivated to actually write about it.

So when Tony told me about Luna Rossa, I ended up going there on my way to Lucali (it was a little embarrassing to walk into Lucali with a pizza box under my arm, but what the hell).

The pizzaiolo at Luna Rossa makes his Neapolitan-style pizzas in one of those combo wood and gas ovens that seem to be popping up everywhere in New York these days. My margherita had a nice crisp exterior crust and the tender interior crust I crave but rarely find. If you've been to Caserta Vecchia or Savoia, two other pizzerias in Carroll Gardens, you will find the pizza at Luna Rossa to be similar (though the dough is thankfully a little softer). It's not pizza worthy of a long trip, but if you're in the neighborhood you'll be very happy eating pizza here.

Luna Rossa

Address: 552 Court Street, Brooklyn NY 11231
Phone: 718-875-1384

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