Teresa's. At Teresa's they know how to make terrific latkes. Enough said. The apple fritters and the blintzes are excellent, too.
80 Montague Street
Brooklyn, New York

Kasia's: In hipster-saturated Williamsburg it's comforting to know that Kasia's is still in its midst, dispensing latkes, kielbasa, and apple fritters as the ultimate hangover antidote.
146 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Ph: 718-387-8780

Community Kitchen and Juice Bar: I just got a hot latke tip from a serious eater, a nice Jewish boy, about the latkes at Neil Kleinberg's Community Kitchen and Juice Bar. That makes sense. Neil is a nice Jewish boy, too, from Brooklyn, he's a good cook, and he doesn't gild the lilly too much. The Upper West side needs a quality latke emporium. I will check these out myself in the next day or two.
2893 Broadway (nr. 112th St.)
New York, NY 10025
Ph: 212-665-2800

The latkes at the Hotel Edison Coffee Shop, aka The Polish Tea Room, are good, not transcendent, but I don't think you'll find a better latke in Times Square.

Christina's. There has been a whole slew of Christine and Christina's Polish restaurants opening and closing all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. Christina's is a Greenpoint staple that will fill your belly with latkes for $4.75. In Polish Greenpoint they know from latkes. Incoming hipsters, take note.
853 Manhattan Avenue;
Brooklyn, NY

Just Like Mother's: My mother was a terrific lady, but she couldn't cook to save her life. In fact she was proud of her lack of culinary skill, which she thought made a strong and forthright feminist political statement. My grandmother, however, also a strong and independent woman, cooked the kind of dishes you dream about. Her latkes were crispy, oniony, and not too thick. Her indomitable spirit lives on in the first-rate latkes served at Just Like Mother's. JLM's latkes are golden-brown, madely with coarsely ground potato, and have just the right amount of onion in them. In fact Just Like Mother's, which I would like to rename Just Like Grandmother's, serves fried-to-order latkes so thin they even put my late grandmother's to shame. Latkes can never be too crisp or too thin.

110-60 Queens Boulevard
Forest Hills, Queens
Ph: 718-544-3294.

I've also had good reports recently about the latkes at the Stage Restaurant on Second Avenue in the East Village. Can anyone confirm or deny?

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