The Peach Custard at Shake Shack Rocks!

20070719custard.jpgI know it's kind of fashionable to trash Shake Shack these days, but last Wednesday I had an incredibly delicious cup of peach frozen custard. I waited less than 30 seconds in the "B-Line" and took my cup of perfect custard to the southeast corner of Madison Square Park, where British soul singer James Hunter was giving a free concert.

Peach custard, no waiting, free James Hunter concert: Life was good. Peach is the Wednesday flavor of the day at the Shake Shack, at least for July, so consider hitting the B-Line tomorrow. I may hit the Shack next Monday for the salted caramel frozen custard. Doesn't that sound just perfect?

Of course, when I obsess about frozen custard, I start thinking about doing a frozen custard taste test. I'm thinking about ordering some Kopp's online from Milwaukee and then taking it over to Shake Shack for a direct comparison.

What's your favorite frozen custard anywhere? No soft ice creams like Carvel need apply.

Photograph by Robyn Lee


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