column featuring Butter chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli is a must-read for anyone interested in love stories starring quirky, lovable eccentrics (and who isn't?).

he opening line is priceless:

"The hardest thing for me is restraint," Alexandra Guarnaschelli says. "I see fresh beans and ramps and I start to quiver."

And how about this for a perfect articulation of a chef's dedication:

"I bent my head over a stove in my early 20's and picked it up in my 30's," said Ms. Guarnaschelli, 37.

I have known Alex for awhile now, and she is truly a delightful, eccentric, prodigiously talented chef and human being. She comes by these traits naturally. Her mom, legendary cookbook editor Maria Guarnaschelli, is just as talented, just as smart, and just as idiosyncratic.

Congratulations, Alex and Maria


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