What a food weekend I had. On Friday night I had dinner at Cafe D'Alsace, on 88th and 2nd Avenue.

It's an Alsatian brasserie featuring the cooking of Philippe Roussel. The highlights of the meal: a fine split pea soup with bacon, two kinds of housemade sausages, one made of pork, the other or duck, both served with excellent sauerkraut, a juicy, perfectly cooked hangar steak served in a red wine reduction with great frites; an exemplary roast chicken that even had moist white meat (a true rarity in restaurants these days), and very good housemade ice creams and an eggy, buttery blueberry tart for dessert. Disappointments included a blah trout preparation and a standard creme brulee. The joint was reasonably priced as well. My hangar steak and frites was $18.

I wish Cafe D'Alsace was in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, it's at Second Ave, 212-722-5133.

Here's Gael Greene's take on the restaurant


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