Amsterdam Eats

My friend Adam asked me for places to eat in Amsterdam. I used to go to Amsterdam on business four times a year. There's a lot of bad food in what is a lovely city. There's a great sandwich place I always used to go to called Loekie (ph:31-20) 624-4370),that has the justifiably legendary pata negra (Black Foot) ham from Spain. My friend Mark Bittman had a piece 3 1/2 years ago in the Times that mentioned a few nifty places. He talked about De Kas (ph: (31-20) 462-4562), which serves mostly local and organic food in a greenhouse surrounded by a garden; a nouvelle Indonesian place called Blue Pepper (ph:(31-20) 489-7039), owned by a Michelin-starred chef; Balthazar's Kitchen (open Wed.-Fri. only), located in the hipster neighborhood called The Jordann (ph:(31-20)420-2114 , with a single reasonably priced prix fixe menu; and De Reiger (ph:(31-20) 624-7426, a neighborhood bar also in Jordann that serves "the Platonic ideal of cafe food." Adam, do not wander into any old restaurant in Amsterdam. You will be sorry.


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